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Terracotta is one of the oldest building materials and sculpting media and has been used for thousands of years. The term simply means "baked earth" in Latin.

Here is how our artisan manufacturers make the terracotta cookware we sell here at Finca el Monte:

  1. First, the earth is prepared by mixing with water
  2. The mixture is then sieved to take out impurities and larger particles
  3. The water is then filtered out leaving just the clay behind
  4. The mixture is then passed through a mixer which compacts the clay
  5. Then the clay is either pressed into moulds to give the desired shape or moulded on a potters wheel.
  6. The pieces are then left to dry for about 12 hours
  7. The first firing is performed at 900°C
  8. A glaze is then applied if required, either to waterproof or decorate the piece etc
  9. The second firing is performed at 1000°
  10. The piece is taken out to cool before being ready for you to buy!

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